When powerful plugin made Permissions easy ! http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/simplyperms/
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When powerful plugin made Permissions easy !

SimplyPerms is yet another Permissions plugin manager based on PermissionsBukkit ideas with some new really great features !

WARNING : SimplyPerms is not compatible with PermissionsBukkit or other permissions plugins !


Permissions and authorizations

Import from other plugins


The configuration file is slightly the same than PermissionsBukkit.

Please refer to the PermissionsBukkit documentation
An example configuration file can be found here
For the database connection, please refer to this page



This make plugins based on PermissionsBukkit API compatible with SimplyPerms.

You can download it here.

Not all PermissionsBukkit plugin will work with this ! Try and give me your feedbacks !


This allow you to use the rank feature with SimplyPerms.

You can download it here.

With this you can allow someone to grant someone else on a specified group.

Commands :

  • /rank [player] [group]
  • /ranker [player] [group]
  • /setrank [player] [group]

Permission :

  • permissions.rank.[groupname]

Source code

All my work is available in GitHub : SimplyPerms / SimplyWrap / SimplyRank


  • PermissionsBukkit by SpaceManiac for core permissions code
  • AntiGuest by QuickWango for part of authorizations feature
  • milkywayz for the modified PermissionsBukkit to include rank feature


  • Document the database mecanism and setup
  • Import from other Permissions Plugins
  • Feel free to ask me new features, improvements or bugs :D


I make my plugins with my free time and for free, if you like my work, you can buy me a coffee :D