More Vanilla Recipes for your Minecraft Server !
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== MoreRecipes 1.0.1== More Recipes was developed as a way to get vanilla blocks through alternative recipes, add new blocks, and make new recipes for vanilla items you couldn't get in Survival before.

Why is this better than using a Recipe maker to make your own recipes? No need for you to take images to document the recipes that you've added, every recipe can be found on


Builds which have a -S on the end of the file require SpoutPlugin to run, as of now it offers more crafting than the Bukkit Port and is required to craft diamonds. Builds which have a -B on the end of the file don't require SpoutPlugin, the latest version contains a configuration file to turn recipes on and off.

== Features: == GetChainMail does exactly what you think it does, it allows Chainmail armour to be crafted in survival, finally! Chainmail is made out of a mix of Iron Ingot and String, allowing you to save on iron, but at the cost of the armour being only slightly stronger than gold armour.

ExtendedString adds new recipes for string, simply by placing a piece of wool in a crafting table you can get 2 pieces of string. You can also fill a crafting table up with 9 string to get cobwebs!

BetterStone adds recipes for Mossy Cobblestone, Mossy Brick and Cracked Brick, check out the recipes below.

SimpleGrass allows you to craft Grass and Mycelium out of Dirt and Seeds/ Brown & Red Mushrooms respectively, to craft them, look at the below recipes.

MoreFood gives the ability to craft Apples out of leaves and sugar, as well as providing a way to get more Cocoa Beans (I know it just creates 2 beans out of 1 bean and sugar, but I couldn't think of another recipe.)

EasyStorage allows for Sandstone and Clay Balls to be turned into Sand and Clay respectively, allowing for the use of them as storage blocks.

ExtraBlocks allows for the creation of both Sponge and Clay, check out the recipes for more detail.

MoreMusic allows players to create every Music Disc in the game, adding another 8 Music Discs to Survival, while allowing the other.

Gardener gives the ability to turn Sugarcane into Sticks, Sticks into Wooden Planks and Leaves into Lillypads, Ferns and Tall Grass.

ReOre allows you to turn your mined materials back into ore however you still have to mine/smelt them to use the ores again.

== Todo: == Add features requested by the community

== Changelist: == 1.0-S: Added mob drops, Monster Eggs and diamond crafting.

Beta 8-B: Ported to Bukkit, added config file.

Beta 7: Allowed use of all leaf types in leaf-based recipes.

Beta 6: Removed ReOre Diamond, had potential for plugin abuse, changed Sponge recipe.

Beta 5: Removed SynthDiamond, began sister project SynthMaterials from code

Beta 4: Allows Leaves to be turned into small plants and allows SugarCane to be turned into Sticks and Sticks into Wooden Planks also gives basic ability to convert mined materials back into Ores

Beta 3: Adds recipes for every Music Disc

Beta 2: Adds Moss Stone, Nether Brick, Saddle, Ice and Grass, Mycelium, Cracked Stone, Mossy Stone, Sponge, Grass, Mycelium, Clay and Sand recipes. Also adds support for Charcoal in SynthDiamonds

Beta 1: Added CompressedCoal, Texture and Diamond Crafting, new String recipes, allow Chainmail to be crafted in Survival

== Source Code: ==

== Requesting Recipes == If you have a recipe you want me to add, or a block/item that you want supported, either post on the thread or PM me. Also, please spread the word about this plugin, the more feedback I get on it, the better it should become.

== Recipes: ==

{{|}} == == For an interactive view of the Recipes in the plugin head to:

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To discuss and ask questions about the plugin, please use the Spout Forums:

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Depends: SpoutPlugin