A plugin for Bukkit based Minecraft servers to add a new mechanic similar to the bloodmoon event in Terraria http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/bloodmoon/
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This plugin will add a blood moon event to your server, each night has a configurable chance of a blood moon. During a blood mood the game is made a lot harder:

- Skeletons shoot twice as fast.
- Skeletons shoot fire arrows (that start fires).
- Mobs can break blocks when focused on a player.
- Hostile mobs have double health.
- Small chance of your sword taking massive damage with each strike.
- Creepers have much more powerful explosions (that cause fire).
- Any hostile mob killed has a small chance of coming back as a zombie (or other mob).
- A mob will spawn if you try to sleep.
- Spiders can jump much higher.
- More mobs will spawn.
- Mobs will drop more XP when killed.

All of the features can be configured, including the mobs that it is applied to. See the config section for more information.