h5ai docker image, the modern web server index
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h5ai is a modern web server index. This docker image makes it trivially easy to spin up a webserver and start sharing your files through the web.


See also the demo directory.


This docker image is available as an automated build on Docker Hub, so there's no setup required. Using this image for the first time will start a download automatically. Further runs will be immediate, as the image will be cached locally.

The recommended way to run this container looks like this:

$ docker run -it --rm -p 80:80 -v `pwd`:/var/www clue/h5ai

You can now point your webbrowser to this URL:


This is a rather common setup following docker's conventions:

  • -it will run an interactive session that can be terminated with CTRL+C
  • --rm will run a temporary session that will make sure to remove the container on exit
  • -v {AnyDirectory}:/var/www will mount the given directory as the base directory for the browsable directory index
  • -p {OutsidePort}:80 will bind the webserver to the given outside port
  • clue/h5ai the name of this docker image