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RePod Nextcloud App

This Nextcloud app lets you visualize, manage and play your favorite podcasts.

You need to have GPodderSync installed to use this app!


  • Browse podcasts and play them directly in Nextcloud
  • Keep track of subscribed shows and episodes
  • Sync them with GPodderSync compatible clients
  • Import and export subscriptions
  • Mobile friendly interface
  • Unified search integration
  • Interface in multiple languages

Clients supporting sync of GPodderSync

client support status
AntennaPod Initial purpose for this project, as a synchronization endpoint for this client.
Support is available as of version 2.5.1.
KDE Kasts Supported since version 21.12
Garmin Podcasts Only for compatible Garmin watches, supported since version 3.3.4


Either from the official Nextcloud app store or by downloading the latest release and extracting it into your Nextcloud apps/ directory.